CDK DASH - Productivity Enhancing Applications


With the at-a-glance Dealer Dashboards and DMS Mobile Access capabilities, the flexibility of these optional productivity enhancing solutions lend even more efficiencies to your business, so you’ll have the tools you need to be more productive and make better business decisions quickly and easily. That’s what makes CDK DASH so unique - it’s a fully customizable solution with the staying power to grow with your dealership needs.


CDK DASH Menu Link

CDK DASH Menu Link is an industry leading, fully integrated F&I suite that transforms the retail experience through interactive menus, e-rating, sales tools, videos, customer surveys, executive reporting, electronic contracting and more.

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Dealer Dashboards

See your dealership profit center data in a brand new light.  With easy-to-read graphical charts and comparisons, Dealer Dashboards put the power of information in your hands, so you can make the right judgment calls faster than ever.

DMS Mobile Access

Access CDK DASH anytime, and from virtually anywhere. Now you can work vehicle deals, greet your customers as they enter the Service drive, write ROs, perform physical inventory and much more, all while on-the-go.

CDK DASH Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Accelerate your sales performance with our redesigned CDK DASH CRM. Fully integrated with our DASH business system, it gives you fast access to the tools you’ll need to drive more revenue.
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Service Appointment

Scheduling and performing Service tasks is easier than ever with Service Appointment. Its deep integration features help speed up the process and give you the tools you need to run a more efficient Service department. Your Fixed Ops will never be the same.
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Your Dealer Management System (DMS) needs to be secure, especially from third-party vendors. With CDK DASH Link, you can reduce the risks involved with giving multiple vendors access to your system. Gain some peace of mind, so you can spend more time working on improving your CSI and profitability.
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CDK DASH Barcode Scanning

With CDK DASH Barcode Scanning, you can utilize an affordable Bluetooth Barcode Scanning Device that easily integrates with our DMS Mobile Access solution. They help you increase productivity by electronically streamlining multiple manual processes within your dealership. Since the Barcode Scanning is Bluetooth-capable and functions as a keyboard wedge, it easily integrates with Apple and Android tablets, supporting a mobile solution for many dealership workflows.

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Snap-on Mitchell1

Now, CDK DASH clients can take advantage of Mitchell1 integration to provide your fixed operations with part numbers and pricing data from Original Equipment Manufacturers across all makes and all models. By using this data, you can present dependable repair information in a consistent, easy-to-use web-based format.


Customer Notification Bundle

Delivering timely and professional communications the way your customers want to be contacted is critical in today’s automotive retail marketplace. With CDK DASH Customer Notification bundle, you’ll gain the tools you need to streamline the workflow of communications your business has to complete from obtaining customer authorization for repair orders to cash flow management.  The customer notification bundle can help you increase customer satisfaction, minimize the time it takes to obtain customer authorizations, and minimize the time and cost it takes to deliver accounts receivable statements.


Doc Link

With ever-changing document retention regulations, it can be a full-time job trying to stay compliant. Plus, you also need easy access to documents at a moment’s notice. Simplify document scanning, retention and compliance with CDK DASH Doc Link.

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CDK DASH Payment Link

Accepting payments has never been easier. The CDK DASH Payment Link interface provides integration to Vantiv Payment systems, a leading provider of payment card processing services. This integration gives you the ability to connect your cash receipts, Parts invoices and Service repair orders to the Vantiv Payment Card Processing System.

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Tech Link

With CDK DASH Tech Link, Fixed Ops personnel can stay in constant communication. Service Advisors can now easily schedule or assign jobs to Technicians in a live queue environment and stay up to date on the status of each and every job.

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Time Clock

With CDK DASH Time Clock, dealership employees can punch in or out through a simple Web application. Employers can manage employee information related to time, overtime, departments, roles and pay cycles. Most importantly, it offers a user-level login that keeps user and administrator levels separate and secure.

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